Cloves Powder / Laung powder

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Products Description:

long pepper is used to flowering vine. Being a fragrant plant, it is the most popular and interesting herb. It grows in temperate and warm areas. Its buds are useful. This is one of the most important reasons why it is used as herbs and spices.

Long pepper contains fragrant and volatile oil, which is known as pipla-sterol, sesenin and piplatin. The root of this plant contains glucosides, steroids, piperin, piperlonguminin and piperlartin. People must use this herb because of its number of benefits.

Health benefits of Long pepper :

  • Insomnia is a disorder, which gets treated with the use of this herb.
  • It is also useful for toothache and headache issues
  • This herb places a great impact on the heart issues and make them better
  • Many times, it is also used as an ingredient to treat piles
  • It also treats the insect bites
  • It also helps you in losing weight and treating obesity
  • This herb is beneficial for hiccoughs and liver enlargement
  • Galactogogue and migraine issues have been treated with this herb