Animal Herbs

Castoreum / Jund Badastar

English Name: Castoreum

Botanical Name: Castoreum

Local Name: Jund Badastar

Product Description

Castoreum is a substance obtained from the castor sacs of beavers, located near the base of their tail. Beavers use castoreum to mark their territory and waterproof their fur. Historically, it has been used in perfumery and traditional medicine due to its pleasant scent.

In the perfume industry, castoreum has been valued for its musky, vanilla-like aroma and has been used as a fixative to enhance the overall fragrance. However, in modern perfumery, synthetic alternatives are often used due to ethical and practical reasons.


San Lizard / Raig Mahi

English Name: San Lizard

Local Name: Raig Mahi