Essential Murrabas

Gajar Murabba / Carrot Preserve

Code: P-171

English Name: Gajar Murabba / Carrot Preserve

Botanical Name: Daucus Carota Subsp. Sativus

Local Name: Gajar Murabba

Product Description

Gajar ka murabba is carrot preserve. For making carrots preserve, carrots are cooked in sugar syrup flavored with a few spices. the end result is a juicy, syrupy, tender and soft carrots which taste too good.

White Pumpkin Murabba / Petha Murabba

Code: P-287

English Name: White Pumpkin Murabba / Petha Murabba

Botanical Name: Cucurbita Pepo

Local Name: Petha

Apple Preserved / Saib Murraba

Code: P-111

English Name: Apple Preserved / Saib Murabba

Botanical Name: Malus Domestica

Local Name: Saib Murabba